White paper Proposal 2- Mexican Cartels

As I did more research on my white paper topic I decided to focus my attention to the impact these violent groups have on the mexican government and law enforcement. The government may be a source of the problem but may also be the only solution to stopping these violent groups from wreaking havoc on the country. 

For this proposal I changed my research strategy for finding more information on the subject. The first sources I used were all online or scholarly journals that I found from using the databases from the library website. This time I actually found books in the library and have been using these for my information. I have been much more successful getting information this way.

Possibly one of the biggest contributors to increasing violence and criminal activity by mexican cartels is the corruption within Mexico’s government, judicial system, and law enforcement. Political corruption is almost crucial for the mexican federal system to work. It aids in maintaining  balance between political and business systems. It is so deeply embedded into the system that the policies of the government can’t be questioned. This leaves an open door for leaders of the violent gangs to dictate how the government will deal with the cartels. In May, 2009 mexican federal law enforcement arrested 10 mayors and 8 local officials on charges of providing information to a cartel. These punishments are used as a show to make the people think the government will not tolerate such corruption. However, many times the outcomes of these highly publicized apprehensions fall through the cracks. Punishments are very light or even dropped.

The ones that are supposed to be protecting the mexican people from such corruption, violence, and drug trafficking are actually adding problem as well. Police officers in Mexico are known to rob or shake down civilians at any time. 80% of the mexican population believes that the police are generally corrupt according to a study. The police force is constantly subject to bribes and deals with cartels. In 1995, a drug cartel leader was arrested by the military in a local police commander’s home and a majority of men protecting the cartel leader were federal police.

Out of 67 countries studied Mexico ranked among the lowest in quality of judicial resolutions. This is mainly because of the corruption found in the federal judges. Judges have recently been subjects of violence from the cartels. The cartels threaten judges with either a bribe or a bullet. Cartels invest millions in order to advance their criminal activity.

With all of this corruption and violence within the mexican federal system, how will the cartels ever be stopped? The corruption within the government has been a withstanding part of the mexican nation for decades. My position may become the restructuring and change of the mexican judicial system because without a strong justice system in place, cartels will be able to operate freely and control much of mexican society.


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