Too Much Funding For Campaigns?

Democracy, the political system that has shaped American culture, begins with the election.  Elections allow the people to have a voice in government.  They occur to avoid dictatorships and unjust government rule.  These vital events, which reshape our country’s national values and legal policies every year, can be influenced by the individuals or corporations with the most money.  The current campaign finance system is flawed, allowing corporations to donate enormous sums of money to politicians and effectively influence certain policies through these donations.  The picture above depicts Obama lounging in his giant bag of money.  President Obama has raised more money than any other president to date, over $1,600,000,000 combined in both presidential elections.


One thought on “Too Much Funding For Campaigns?

  1. Some resources on campaign finance. Look at Open for one.

    Citizen’s United allowed any group (Labor Unions, rich individuals) to SPEND what they like on their own influencing elections. Different but important from direct donations ot campaigns That happens too, of course.

    Campaign finance law is complex and changes alot. So, good topic. But get ready to muck about. Please do as the stakes are very high.

    I heard on the radio that HALF of the PA state representative races went uncontested. That is not a vital democracy at all.

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