Now that CAN’T be good…

Phillip J. Redman

For the first proposal of my white paper, I chose to look into coal mining and coal-fired power plants.  I found that regulations are being set for business to limit their greenhouse gas emissions.  The mining and burning of coal contributes greatly to greenhouse gasses and global warming.

This image portrays the emissions from a typical coal-fired power plant.  The caption states that the plumes of smoke being released from the power plant contain sulfur dioxide, mercury, nitrogen oxides, and carbon dioxide.  Images like this one are common, as they visibly show the impact that coal burning is having on the environment.  Pretty much any viewer can realize that the opaque gas being released cannot be good for the environment.  Images like this one make it much easier for the average citizen to comprehend the negative impact that coal burning has, compared to diagrams and scientific models.  The smoke plumes rising into the already grey and hazy sky provide a powerful visual description of why coal is a disputed power source in the United States today.

4 thoughts on “Now that CAN’T be good…

  1. Can you make the credit look nicer? You can have image link to actual URL and in the caption simply put MSNBC or, God Forbid, the name of the photographer.

    I am always curious about visible pollution. I know it is a powerful image. Still, the stuff you can’t see might be worse. Radium is colorless, odorless. Radiation form nuclear accidents too.

    BTW, here is a picture of one much closer to home. You pass it if you ever drive south on 15 to the mall. How clean does it burn? Can coal burn clean? Shamokin Dam Coal Plant, courtesy Center for Public Integrity

    Link to image:

  2. I’m so happy that other people see the negative impacts that coal burning has on our environment too. Politics aside, I got so angry every time I saw Romney fight for more coal-powered energy in America in the presidential debates, and I really hope that the country can cut back on coal energy soon!

  3. I always hate driving by plants like this, it’s frankly appalling to see that kind of smog entering the air we breath. We don’t want to end up like the people in Nyein’s post!

  4. I agree with Steph that these plans are disgusting too look at. I personally feel as though our society should have invented (if we have not already) some sort of technology to solve this issue, or at least make it less of an eyesore.

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