Kids These Days….

The picture above deals more with the negative feelings of physically not being able to participate in gym class with fellow peers. For my white paper, I would like to understand why there are so many children obese in America today. Is it from the lack of healthy foods offered at school or at home? Maybe the fact that children are participating to sports less than ever before? Or is it a more psychological problem, that kids receive negative emotional connections with overeating? My goal is to answer all three of these questions in my White Paper and find out what are the causes for child obesity and if all the new legislation being passed will actually help in the long run.


5 thoughts on “Kids These Days….

  1. I love the photo that you chose. I think it portrays the issue perfectly. While you can’t see the sitting kid’s face, you can gather from his slumped posture that he is not happy to be sitting out. I think obesity in adolescent children is a serious issue that is not paid enough attention. Many kids, most likely like the one shows in the picture, would rather be participating, but are unable to often due to reasons outside their own control.

  2. O, the real comment. Greta picture. Interesting how much emotion can be conveyed NOT seeing his face. I was a last-picked for teams, over-weight, first-picked-on kid from grades 1-9 or so. So, I can relate to the complex set of factors that may contribute both to obesity and also gender, identity, school, self-worth, diet, TV (my generation’s couch potato technology).

    I think you can focus more too. be sure to clearly analyze the problem and solutions. Kids don’t play enough sports is one problem. Kids are too obese, especially by X age or by other factors is a different problem. Don’t conflate your problem and solution. In other words, if you say “I am writing about how sports can help reduce obesity” you have conflated. If you say,”Given that sports can reduce obesity, I am looking at sports participation and how to boost it;” then you are clearer. Or, if you say “I am researching the causes of childhood obesity.” However, that is much broader (no pun intended!).

  3. The picture definitely elicits some emotions to which I’m sure a lot of people can relate. Your paper topic sounds very interesting! There are so many factors that could play a role in the increase in childhood obesity, so I can’t wait to see what you suggest in terms of “policy” reforms and such.

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