Healthcare Controversy: Will it Ever End?

ImageAfter a tedious image search that entailed everything from reading the tiny, incoherent speech bubbles of political cartoons to looking at photoshopped images of Obama wearing doctor’s attire, I finally settled on this image.  Even after looking at it for a couple seconds, I could not decide with 100% certainty what this woman’s view on the Affordable Care Act is.  At first glance, she appears to be angry and the words “politics” and “out” seem to imply that she is opposed to the Act.  However, upon further thought I wonder if she believes that universal healthcare coverage is a right and is therefore upset that inter-party politics and agendas are getting in the way of this right.



3 thoughts on “Healthcare Controversy: Will it Ever End?

  1. Add a category! Politics… at least…

    I think she is opposed to it. The frame was in general that the government was “taking over” health care, so I am pretty sure she was opposed to AFCA. However, your nuanced analysis is interesting.

    Dramatic image. How did you find it?

  2. I agree with Jordi – I think she’s probably against the Affordable Care Act. I also saw someone post this on Facebook and thought it might be helpful for your topic!

  3. Same with me too. It is not clear what she is against. But this is a really good image. Do you think Affordable Care will help the majority of low income people?

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