Air Pollution!

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This picture comes from East Asia campaigns for air pollution. This picture embodies the extreme case of air pollution and uncontrolled carbon emission from industrial processes. The photo portrays a group of people having to protect their nose and mouth to make sure they don’t inhale harmful particles from the atmosphere and unable to have a nice day out, with the famous palace of the Forbidden City buried in the smog, set in the background. This can be a very strong message to the society that air pollution can significantly decrease quality of life and hence, it is a serious problem.

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4 thoughts on “Air Pollution!

  1. You can have the URL link on the image so when people click image, it takes them to URL.

    Your topic will be air pollution?

    How hard was it to find the image?

  2. Wow, I can’t believe this image! Are there regulations set in place that are just being ignored? I would think that air pollution would be a big concern if people feel the need to wear masks. I just don’t understand how the problem can even get that bad. Why isn’t anyone regulating the companies that are responsible for the emissions?

  3. I was curious about which cities had the most air pollution. Here is a list of the top ten most air-polluted cities in the world…

    1. Ahwaz, Iran
    2. Ulan Bator, Mongolia
    3. Sanadaj, Iran
    4. Ludhiana, India
    5. Quetta, Pakistan
    6. Kermanshah, Iran
    7. Peshawar, Pakistan
    8. Gaberone, Botswana
    9. Yasouj, Iran
    10. Kanpor, India

  4. My white paper topic is about Emission control. It wasn’t very hard to find this image. I used google image and find a city well-known for air pollution. I actually don’t know why there is nobody to regulate emission in Bejing. It is widely known the chinese central government doesn’t really care about environment. And the people can’t complain too much about the government there because Chinese government is ………………….!

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