Women….like men, only cheaper!


For my white paper I am exploring the gender wage gap.  To begin looking for an image I used google images and searched gender wage gap and found a nice selection to choose from.  Most of the pictures showed women standing on a smaller stack of money compared to men or holding a smaller piggy bank.  Although I felt these represented the struggle well, I decided to choose the above image instead because I thought it said more about the situation.  The image above comically represents the gender wage inequality that is caused by gender discrimination.  The image also gives the idea that women are just as capable and are providing just as good work as men but are being paid less for it.  I think this is an important aspect and this is the angle I want to take for my paper.  The image came from an informative website for Dublin, California which talked about how the gender wage gap is still present in California.


6 thoughts on “Women….like men, only cheaper!

  1. HAH very funny image. Which brings up another issue-should women think this is funny? Does that make the problem less serious? Very interesting white paper topic regardless.

  2. Love this picture and love the topic you chose to write about. Gender discrimination is such an interesting topic. This issue is so important for us now especially since we are graduating and will be in jobs with the potential to be dealing with the wage gap first hand.

  3. Such a funny image, and such a real problem. I agree it is a really interesting topic especially because of its relevance. I love how the image even explains that women may work as hard as men and at the same quality yet they are cheaper. You don’t have to pay them as much – and even though there are policies against sex discrimination, there is still a wage gap.

  4. How long do you think it will take for women to have salaries equal to men? From about 1960 to 1980 women were paid about 60% of what men were. By 1990, they were paid around 70%. Now they are paid 77% of what men are paid. What will the difference be in 2030?

    Here is an interesting article that explains the wage gaps between men and women. It discusses factors other than discrimination that are most likely at play. http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2012/10/why-are-women-paid-less/263776/#

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