The Perfect Picture?

The picture is really big so if you want to see it go ahead and continue reading!  Image

Beauty’s Benefits. Digital image. Business Insider. Business Insider, Inc, 6 Dec. 2011. Web. <;.

Well, it seems unfair that this picture exists because it is just so perfect – but because is does have words and facts included, I will post two.  The title of this picture “Beauty’s Benefits: How Good Looks Lead To Higher Paychecks.”  We see according to the picture that attractive employees earn up to 15% more and are more likely to get called back for another interview.  Women and men who are underweight earn more money than those who are overweight, and men over 6 feet tall earn more than shorter men.  I also appreciated the use of Barbie and Ken – two pop-culture icons, in all of the graphics.  I almost laughed when I saw the amount of makeup versus character traits and learned that apparently if a woman wears a “glamorous” amount of makeup she is seen at more competent, more likable, more attractive, and more trustworthy.  I guess I will have to start wearing more makeup!  This graphic image was an insanely awesome and lucky find.


Now for an image that is well, an image.

Guy, Eddie. Attractive Woman Economics. Digital image. The University of Texas at Austin. Life & Letters, n.d. Web. <;.


Ha!  This chick is AWESOME.  She is hot – like clearly get hired and make more money because of her wonderful use of makeup, hair care, and gorgeous genetics.  And she is flying high on money – look at her go.  She is more likely to get hired than your average looking Mary Jane and will probably make a higher salary – just because she is a hottie.  Not fair, right?  I picked this image because I think it says in a picture the theme and issue I am looking at for my White Paper.  Should there be policies regarding hiring for attractiveness?  It is an interesting issue to look at and there are many cases about it that I will be looking closer at for my White Paper.


5 thoughts on “The Perfect Picture?

  1. What I found most interesting about your first image was the weight vs. salary. I had never thought about there being a correlation between how much a person weighs and how much they get paid, it is really interesting to think about.

  2. Some of these statistics are shocking… but not surprising at the same time. I think people generally don’t want to believe these biases exist – a person who is more competent should get a job over someone who’s prettier… right?

  3. WOW. I knew I benefited from being a guy…

    Are their statistics controlling for things like occupation, experience, education, performance? This can get a little tricky in terms of data, but it is important to know.

    On the Bucknell campus, is this considered “just” a women’s issue? Why don’t the men comment on these kinds of posts? Or am I wrong and they do?

  4. I could say a lot more about the bottom image. What is it from exactly? The cover of the author’s book? That matters for understanding it. I can imagine a lot of reactions to it. Is she “unfairly” getting ahead because she looks good? That is a fear (unfounded or not) of some men, perhaps? Yes, it is a blow dryer, but it could look like a sex toy too. And she is riding a plane of money: the flight stewardess was one of the most jobs most perceived as being a way to use looks and sex to get ahead while at the same time it was a ladder of mobility through wages or through marriage for many women. So, given that she is in one of the least useful positions for doing any work except riding a horse or having sex in a female-dominant position, but she is “mounting” a dollar bill, the whole book cover, to me, just drips with positive and negative imagery of sexuality, work status, and wealth. What is the point of the original book?

  5. Wow! These images were fascinating. I loved the first image. Like Rachel, I was not necessarily surprised by some of the data. While the gaps are alarming, it is clear that our society has come to put a lot of weight on physical appearances.

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