It’s Got To Be The Shoes…

This political cartoon depicts one of the arguments against affirmative action.  Many argue that affirmative action policies, though well intentioned, discredit minority achievement.  Just as the cartoon boy would not be allowed into college without the hight boost of the “racial preferences” shoes, so does affirmative action aid those that fall short of the required qualifications.  In turn, those minorities that are “tall enough” and have earned opportunities without the help of affirmative action are written off as a product of the opportunities that the policies create.


“You Must Be This Tall,” Mike Lester, The Rome News-Tribune, June 24, 2003.


4 thoughts on “It’s Got To Be The Shoes…

  1. I think you did a great job explaining the idea of “tall enough minorities.” This cartoon does show the negative sentiment of many people with regard to this issue. I think it definitely is a sticky subject and I’m interested to see what your research reveals.

  2. I agree with Michael. On one hand, It is hard to argue against the benefits and importance of affirmative action. Still, when those seats in college have to be taken from someone else, I understand the frustration from people who aren’t minorities, that could have gotten into the school. Its really hard to say whats right here, and I think your paper will turn out very interesting.

  3. Great choice of picture! I agree with Roger that the topic of affirmative action has two sides to the debate. Racial preferences are a huge part of the college application process, and even applying for jobs. Can’t wait to see what examples you plan on exploring in your paper.

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