International Drug Trade from a Different Lens







The only time I’ve done anything besides read about the international drug trade is in the movies.  Movies like Traffic raelly show the signifcance and influence of the trade on all aspects of American society.  From the government to families to Central America – all of the relations are intertwined.  The first photo (above) was chosen from Google Images in order to show how dangerous, scary, and organized the cartels that run this drug trade truly are.  The photo below this paragraph is an pretty cool map of all of the different moving parts within Central/South America in terms of both drug types and the different cartels.  For me it would be interesting to see another map from each cartel of where each product goes within the United States.  I wanted to paint the picture of the fact that at a micro level this problem deals with some of the worst and most dangerous group of people to ever exist.  At a macro level the issues are so complicated and intertwined that there is no single solution the international drug trade.


4 thoughts on “International Drug Trade from a Different Lens

  1. This is such a cool picture! If you can find one of the U.S. that would be the jackpot. I would also be curious to know how much these cartels contribute to gang violence in the States. I know little to nothing about the various gangs that inhabit our country, let alone which drugs they specialize in. Also, how much would South America’s economy be weakened if we found a way to lessen trade into the U.S.? Not that our policies should be determined by concern for their drug economy, just curious what degree of their economy is supported by the drug trade.

    P.S. at first glance the bottom image looks like a meteorologist’s map of high and low pressure systems

  2. I know the Mexican and Colombian governments have often pushed for the legalization of certain drugs in the United States in order to diminish cartel violence and power struggles. The collateral damage that occurs as a direct result of drug trafficking. I am sneaky a little bit jealous you picked this topic because I find it so interesting.

  3. “Most dangerous”? Maybe. But violence and black markets are very,very old features of life. The pirates we let kids dress up as today were the illegal traffickers of their day. So were slave traders, especially after the British Empire outlawed slavery.

    Just saying a little perspective will be helpful. What is perhaps more unique is the degree to which they erode and corrupt state power.

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