Immigration Reform across America

This photo shows an American man promoting immigration reduction in Minnesota. He is a member of the tea party and feels strongly enough about this cause to stand outside on a cold looking day to support what he believes in. He is a member of the Tea Party according to the picture caption. I chose this photo because it shows how strongly some people feel about immigration reform all over the country, not just in highly concentrated illegal immigrated to states. I liked that this photo shows the man’s support and love for his country, shown in the American flag next to his sign and his USA hat. I found this image by using the flickr website.


6 thoughts on “Immigration Reform across America

  1. With our economy the way it is, its no surprise that some Americans want to protect what we have left. The U.S. used to thrive on its global image of “the promised land of opportunity.” My own grandparents immigrated here from Greece and Ireland. Today, however, I can’t help but feel like the U.S. is a life raft that millions are clamouring to climb aboard. If our borders don’t toughen up against illegal immigrants, we’re going to exceed capacity, buckle under the pressue, and sink.

  2. I think this photo also gives a more national view of the issue than is typically discussed. Obviously immigration is more of a hot topic in states with high illegal immigration but this picture shows that it is a problem and issue to be dealt with state-wide and involves more than illegal immigrants.

  3. Cool picture – I think it shows not only how personal this issue is to an individual, but also how each state has their own opinions about it. American wouldn’t be the country it is today, and some of us wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for immigration but now it is a serious problem. I know my town has a very serious illegal immigrant problem and it has made walking around the streets of the town unsafe. The town is more dangerous and completely different than it was fifty years ago and most people attribute these changes to illegal immigration.

  4. “not just in highly concentrated illegal immigrated to states. :

    not just in states with high concentrations of illegal immigration, but those with lower as well.

    Are you sure MN is so low?

    Just curious.

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