White Paper- Effects of Mexican Cartels

For my white paper I have decided to investigate the prevalence of mexican cartels and the effects they have on different communities. Mexican drug cartels have been around for decades but have recently become more powerful because of the elimination of Columbia cartels in the 1990s. Mexican cartels are known mainly for their drug trafficking activity which controls 90% of the drug flow into the United States. However, these groups have many other destructive practices that cause terror for the mexican people, government, and economy. Cartels have emerged as formidable enemies against the mexican government. These groups influence politics and the economy of Mexico through the use of violence. The power of the cartels have grown over the past decade as well as the cartel related deaths. I plan to examine the effects these groups have on the mexican state and nearby countries like the United

I want to start my paper by first explaining the history of mexican drug cartels in Mexico and the organization behind them. I then want to be able to investigate the effects these groups have on the mexican community including social, economic, and political effects. These groups have infiltrated the mexican government and can influence many institutions with their violence. Social groups like teachers, journalists, and media producers fear for their life because of countless attacks by these groups. I want to explore how deeply routed these groups are in mexican society. I then would like to see any spill over effects cartels have in the United States and other surrounding countries. Finally I hope to make recommendations on how to counteract this growing problem. I plan to write to the Mexican and U.S. State governments on ways to dismantle these groups.

So far I have found some good research on this subject to learn more from. I have used google scholar to find articles and journals on this subject. An article from the New York Times was actually written yesterday about mexican cartels. I found a few other articles using some of the data bases we used in class. The Web of Knowledge and Global Issues data bases have provided me with a number of sources relating to mexican drug cartels and their effects. So far all of the information I have found have been from reliable sources. I will use these data bases and journals I find to come up with more information and research on the subject. I will be able to fully explain the effects of this act of terrorism on the mexican community and provide insight on how it can be deterred.

3 thoughts on “White Paper- Effects of Mexican Cartels

  1. Books. There will be plenty of good books in the library. This is still very broad. As you proceed, maybe you should look for a more specific aspect to address. For example, unless there is some sort of joint US-MExican authority that addresses this, you can only have one decision-maker to address it too. Now, maybe there should be a joint authority.

    Other possible focus areas: the role of weapons, the problem of government corruption, the effect of US policies, or the use of mobile technologies.

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