In honor of “tweet week,” the Blog Council has compiled some Twitter-themed awards for you…


Popular choices this week included Phil Knight, Steve Jobs, Mike Daisey, Michael Moore, and Walmart (versus anyone).

Alex Benoit
Michael Wald

Both Alex and Michael delivered some zingers, Alex with his jab at Phil Knight and Michael as Phil Knight, claiming that “Nike does it better.”

Roger Boyd
Rachel Litt
Meg Visokey

These individuals got creative – Twitter style. The Blog Council especially appreciated Roger’s use of #friedmanrollinginhisgrave. Also enjoyable were Rachel’s mention of #tents and Meg’s #kissmyfanniemae and #wallstreetnotsesamestreet.

Steph Janson
Sarah Rubio

Steph and Sarah take the cake for their “Jobs v. Gates” and “Walmart: Always Heartless Corporate Bastards” images. Additional props to Roger for discovering the Twitter template.

Courtney Kelly

Courtney had a clear winner at the end of her tweet-sesh – Ira Glass handily overtook Mike Daisey and set him in his place.

Alex Benoit

Alex took style into account when he drew a solid parallel between wage gaps and sports – where’s the level playing field?

Joe Velli

Yes, Joe did in fact do his reading, as you can tell from his well-informed tweets between the CEO of Petrobas and executives at Enron.

Steph Janson

Steph exemplified her Twitter mastery, devising some of the best Twitter handles in the game. Turtlenecks don’t hurt either.


In the most fascinating and ironic matchup of the week, Foster had Dick Fuld and Ken Lay exchange some words on the Twitter-sphere. Which guy is worse?

Alyssa Dunn

Alyssa took the philosophical route and pitted Milton against Ed in a battle fit for the 21st century.


Finally, a special award to Jordi for learning that “poppin” is a shortening of “popping” and not “popp in” (with one too many Ps).

– Ally & Nyein


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