Ed vs. Milton

I decided to focus on one of our oldest “disagreements” by creating a Twitter conversation between Ed and Milton.  For some reason, pictures wouldn’t work, so sorry about the blandness.

@ShareholderMilton contrary to what @EddieFree says, businesses only have one true social responsibility #increaseprofits

@EddieFree @ShareholderMilton why even try to label businesses and the men who run them? they’re driven by way more than just profits #principleofcomplexity

@ShareholderMilton @EddieFree honestly, how can either of us say that the world of business as a whole even has responsibilities? #itsnotaperson

@EddieFree @ShareholderMilton easily b/c business affects a lot of people. they’re all stakeholders who matter. just ask @TDonaldson. #normativetheory

@ShareholderMilton @EddieFree who owns the company? shareholders. so who should the company keep in mind when making decisions? shareholders. #fiduciaryduty


4 thoughts on “Ed vs. Milton

  1. Very realistic! Nicely done.

    I would add @shareholderMilton corporations are created by law and society for the benefit of society overall. What happens to that in a total profit-maximizing environment? #shareholdervaluemyth #savecapitalismfromcapitalists

  2. I like the addition Jordi. I think it would be hilarious to actually see philosophers go at it on a social network like twitter.

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