A twitter exchange between Mike Daisey and Steve Jobs after Jobs spots Daisey at a public Apple event…

SteveJobs: Some people just aren’t welcome. #getout #whatareyoueoinghere #applefansnotfoes

MikeDaisey: @SteveJobs Don’t think I can’t tell that youre referring to me…I’m allowed to be here. #mature #growup #ithoughtyouwereaCEO

SteveJobs: @MikeDaisey Yes you are. But that doesn’t mean you’re wanted. #appletraitor #liar #noonewantsyouhere

MikeDaisey: @SteveJobs All I did was expose the #horribleworkingconditions that your “great” company supports.  #truth #equality #expose

SteveJobs: @MikeDaisey A fabricated story is not a true story, no matter what you claim.  No one likes a liar #truth #liarsgetout #applestrong


6 thoughts on “#WhatAreYouDoingHere

  1. It’s interesting, because when people think of Steve Jobs they do not view him as an outwardly critical person. He generally does not seem to care about what people outside of Apple thought of him.

  2. It is very interesting to think about Steve Jobs and Mike Daisey actually meeting face-to-face. Would Steve Jobs be this angry? I wonder how much Mike Daisey’s monolog actually influenced Apple sales.

  3. Foster – Jobs was hypercritical of everything, and if he heard that this guy wrote bad things about Apple, I’m sure he’d be out to ruin him. He spoken badly about Bill Gates at every chance he got.

  4. I think Jobs would be very angry if they met face to face. I’m more curious as to how Mike Daisey would act. He seems confident in his monologues, and I wonder if he would stand up for what he said or just be intimidated by Jobs.

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