This conversation takes place between Mike Daisey and Bucknell’s Tech Forum task force who are currently developing a version of Mike Daisey’s monologue that identifies the statements that are untrue.


Thank you @DaiseyDoosey for letting us adapt your script. We look forward to presenting the truth behind your lies. #Techforum #agonyandecstacy


@BUTechForum I was there. I saw these things happen. The story was real. My script was real. #madeinchina #applelies #theTruthHurts


If only @DaiseyDoosey could make it back for the show. Proving him wrong would be #winning as only the Buck can do #BisonPride #tents


@BUTechForum I’d make it back if I could. But shame overshadows my desire for self-preservation #realworldproblemz #wedontallliveinabubble


Don’t worry @DaiseyDoosey, your reputation can’t be ruined further. Put on your Hawaiian shirt and you’ll surely feel better #Livinthelife


5 thoughts on “#techforumforthewin

  1. Ours are really similar! Especially with Mike Daisey not admitting what he did was wrong. I also laughed out loud at the “#tents” Ohhh Bucknell.

  2. I really like your twitter conversation, I think it was very creative to use Mike Daisey vs Bucknell. I agree with Nyein…What would Mike Daisey think of the changes to his monolog?

  3. Loved it! Great hashtags and an interesting juxtaposition that I hadn’t really considered. I think it’s especially relevant given our recent class discussion about this year’s homecoming festivities. Using Bucknell as one of the “tweeters” was an awesome idea.

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