@PhilKCEO and @MikeMoore Celebrity Deathmatch

This is a conversation between documentarian Michael Moore and Nike’s founder and CEO, Phil Knight.


6 thoughts on “@PhilKCEO and @MikeMoore Celebrity Deathmatch

  1. Is it sad that I can imagine you personally saying all of these things out loud? I’d love to be there in a room with these two going at it. Probably would make for a lot of laughs.

  2. Loved how you set it up to look like the real twitter… seems like a few of you guys figured out how to do that. Like Foster said, I thought your Rotten Tomatoes comment was very clever… as far as I know, it is a pretty good judge of quality.

  3. I think that you captured Knight’s persona really well with the “everyone produces overseas, we just do it better than most”. After watching “The Big One”, it’s pretty clear that Knight doesn’t care about how NIke achieves such high profit margins, just the fact that it does.

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