Oh, the Agony

An exchange between Steve Jobs and Mike Daisey…

iSteve Steve Jobs

Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce that Apple has done it again. Introducing… the #iPad.

MikeyD Mike Daisey

@iSteve What’s that, you say? Another revolutionary product? If only the public knew how it was being made…  wouldn’t be so revolutionary then, would it?

iSteve Steve Jobs

@MikeyD What’s that I smell? Jealousy? Sorry I’m changing the world over here. You can’t even write a real play. #iAm…not sorry

MikeyD Mike Daisey

@iSteve Excuse me, but my writing has nothing to do with Apple’s decisions. Though you’d take a hint from my latest work if you had any sense #IAMBRILLIANT

iSteve Steve Jobs

@MikeyD Whatever, iPads will rule the world. Go eat a twinkie.


4 thoughts on “Oh, the Agony

  1. With yours, like many, I was not sure if you wrote who should “win” or simply are having fun with the post.

    But I think it is funny to be an actor who only does one man shows where he can sit and have notes in front of him.

    • Jordi- I remember thinking the exact same thing way back when we had to listen to his monologue for our first (I think?) blog post. He seems to be a proud and somewhat vain person regarding his work, but does he really have a right to be? Yeah, maybe he has been successful with his monologues, but there are many more actors out there that I consider to more admirable in their work.

  2. I think it’s funny that you made Steve Jobs give Daisey the time of day. I don’t know if that would have actually happened, but I think that you captured Daisey’s personality well

  3. Yeah, Daisey came across as rather arrogant to me, seemed that he thought very highly of himself as an entertained. Would love to see Steve Jobs put him in his place, if for nothing more than the humor.

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