Liar’s Poker A COnversation between Dick Fuld and Ken Lay

Ken Lay: @DickFuld dude how did you manage to blow up Lehman? #LOSERRRRRRR

Dick Fuld: @KenLay: At least I am not in jail and all our the businesses we were involved in were LEGITIMATE #dontdropthesoap

Ken Lay: @DickFuld YEAH RIGHT! You were as much of a crook as I was at #Enron #RIP

Dick Fuld: @KenLay not even close, our collapse was a product of #poorriskmanagement not of #cheating

Ken Lay: @DickFuld whatever helps you sleep at night man….just remember you almost collapsed the entire economy, probably should have just stopped being so #stubborn and saved you company

Dick Fuld: @KenLay look who is talking, you lost all your employees and now you are poor. At least I’m still #RICHHHHHHH


9 thoughts on “Liar’s Poker A COnversation between Dick Fuld and Ken Lay

  1. This is hilarious! Two bad guys are arguing who is still better between the two. I am wondering wether they would openly concede their mistakes like this though. But still I find it quite funny, unlike other posts which usually features opposite sides of an argument.

  2. Of course, Ken Lay died before doing much prison time, but I guess to mock him for that is beyond the pale?

    I do like thinking who was “worse”? The CEO who was convicted for illegally ruining one company or the CEO who was rewarded for legally ruining one economy.

  3. Hilarious people to choose for a twitter fight. I imagine a conversation between these two would be very similar to this.

  4. Jordi, maybe it’s a Ken Lay parody account? Foster is too much of an ‘attention-to-detail’ type of guy to make that mistake…

  5. Best use of tags this week Foster! Would love to listen to these two argue over who screwed America over worse.

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