I’mma Daisey, You’re a Daisey

This is a Twitter conversation that takes place between This American Life’s Ira Glass and Mike Daisey, immediately after Ira Glass has discovered all of the errors in fact checking with Daisey’s story.  Sorry it is not all Twittered-Out and cool… I am technology challenged.

Ira Glass @LookatThatGlass 2:35 pm

The Story “@immaDAISEY and The Apple Factory” is fabricated.  We apologize to our viewers, a Retraction will be published shortly #disappointment

Mike Daisey @immaDAISEY 2:39pm

Fabricated?!!!  Excuse me @LookatThatGlass – I was there.  I experienced it.  It was so moving.  So wrong. #straightfromthesource

Ira Glass @LookatThatGlass 2:45pm

Apparently these things you “experienced” didn’t even happen.  We have sources. You are a liar – #straightfromaliar #winning

Mike Daisey @immaDAISEY 2:47pm

Just because something is untrue doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.  Just because something was a lie, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. @LookatThatGlass

Ira Glass @LookatThatGlass 2:58pm

Actually @immaDAISEY, that is the DEFINITION of a LIE – something that is NOT true.  #youreacrazy and a #liar

Mike Daisey @immaDAISEY 2:59pm

I will still stand behind my words!  I will still perform this story!  You cannot say that what happens over there is a lie!

Ira Glass @LookatThatGlass 3:10, 3:34, 3:55pm

@immaDAISEY #crazyperson

@immaDAISEY no more responses?  #caught

@immaDAISEY I will take that as a no. #winning


One thought on “I’mma Daisey, You’re a Daisey

  1. I would love to read an actual twitter conversation between these two. I think you captured how Daisey was unable to justify his words and back up his actions on the actual radio show, even when in my opinion, some of this actions actually were justifiable

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