Geek Squad (+ some Michael Moore)

Jobs, Knight, and Moore have a friendly chat. Gates drops by to gloat.

For reference:

Steve Jobs – @iloveturtlenecks

Phil Knight – @ijustdowhatiwant

Michael Moore – @captainmike

Bill Gates – @geeksgetthegirls

@ ijustdowhatiwant: @iloveturtlenecks Hey Jobs, sucks when they find out about how you REALLY make your stuff, huh? #ceoproblems

@iloveturtlenecks: @ijustdowhatiwant Bite me knight, people will always love Apple. Never heard of a Nike fanatic #appleworship

@captainmike: @iloveturtlenecks, @ijustdowhatiwant Don’t worry boys, i can make millions on films about both of your shitty labor practices #childlabor

@ ijustdowhatiwant: @captainmike Screw you michael moore, you look like you could use a pair of nikes. then maybe you’ll go for a run #supersizeme

@geeksgetthegirls: @iloveturtlenecks HAHAHAHA SUCK IT JOBS #microsoft>apple

@iloveturtlenecks: @geeksgetthegirls Hey bill, your wife has an ipod. get at me #stockprices #imamac

7 thoughts on “Geek Squad (+ some Michael Moore)

  1. I am wondering why Steve Jobs and Phil Knight don’t gang up on Michael Moore in the end. What do you think Mike Daisey might tweet after seeing this series of tweets?

  2. I agree with Michael, I think incorporating multiple people was a really good idea. It is very interesting to think about how all of these different people would approach these situations.

  3. Like everyone else, I loved the handles! And I loved that you brought in someone we didn’t even really talk about (Bill Gates) in class. Very funny and entertaining.

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