Billionaire Diaries

This is a conversation with Steve Jobs (if he was still alvie) and Phil Knight. Bare with me, I do not have a twitter and don’t really know how it works.


@Shoesforducks What’s the deal with everyone hating on apple recently? Still producing same amazing goods #hypocrites#donthatetheplayer


@IbittheApple Tell me about it Jobs. Others are jealous of not owning half an industry like us. #keeptryingaddidas#winning


@Shoesforducks That’s for sure. Get these media losers off Apple’s back. Trick from the 90’s?#billionaireproblems#publicrelationscleanup


@IbittheApple Easy fix. Do the bare minimum. Get public on your side. Continue ruling industry. #stillkillingit #easyfix


@Shoesforducks Just what I was thinking. Oregon’s uniforms are sick! Let’s hang with Romney soon. #BillionaireBFF#makinghistory


8 thoughts on “Billionaire Diaries

  1. Oregon ducks was what I was going for. Nike gives Oregon the newest designs and technology because Knight went there.

  2. Sometimes I wonder if these CEOs all hang out (and ball out) like athletes and musicians do together. Steve Jobs just rocking a turtle neck sipping on a carrot juice while Phil Knight pounds a vodka soda in the VIP room of some club. Billionaire BFFs club.

  3. I never would have thought to put these bigshots together. Great choice! Not bad for someone who doesn’t use Twitter.

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