Michael Moore v. Phil Knight- The Showdown

This fictional twitter exchange between Michael Moore and Phil Knight is something that could have occurred following Phil Knight and Nike’s first viewing of the rough cut of Moore’s film, “The Big One.” Clearly this is not how the two would really handle the situation- but let’s just pretend their publicists, lawyers, families, etc. didn’t advise them otherwise and just let them have at it.


MooreMoneyMooreProblems Michael Moore

Check out my new film, “The Big One,” and watch Nike CEO, Phil Knight, squirm! This guy couldn’t find a stakeholder if it hit him in the face! #owned @P_Knight

P_Knight Phil Knight

Hey @MooreMoneyMooreProblems why don’t you mind your own damn business! You completely neglected the facts and cut half our conversation! What’s the deal?

MooreMoneyMooreProblems Michael Moore

We’re talking about facts? The fact is @P_Knight has never set foot in one of his Indonesian factories! Maybe if he built one in Flint he could make a visit.

P_Knight Phil Knight

It’s pretty clear that Americans don’t want to spend time making shoes, just pointless documentaries with clear agendas @MooreMoneyMooreProblems.

MooreMoneyMooreProblems Michael Moore

You are completely neglecting major groups of people who have a stake in what you do! @Nike, get rid of @P_Knight and hire someone who cares. #justdoit

P_Knight Phil Knight

Whatever, @MooreMoneyMooreProblems. Hope the movie tanks. I’ll still be here killing it as CEO. #hatersgonnahate


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