Walmart vs Inglewood

Below is a Twitter interaction between the CEO of Walmart, Tom Coughlin, and the city council of Inglewood in 2004. Coughlin (Walmart_King) tries to convince the Inglewood council (Inglewood_Council) to let Walmart build a superstore in the city.

Walmart_King: Save money, live better with Walmart in Inglewood #inglewoodinitiative @Inglewood_CouncilInglewood_Council: There is always a cost for low prices #keeplocalbusinessalive @Walmart_King

Walmart_King: Inglewood citizens can save up to $600 annually with Walmart #moremoneylessproblems @Inglewood_Council

Inglewood_Council: We’ll keep our community looking and feeling better without Walmart. We need higher wages and a better community aesthetic @Walmart_King

3 days later…

Walmart_King: Save money, live better with Walmart in San Diego #sandiegoinitiative


5 thoughts on “Walmart vs Inglewood

  1. Great Tweet interactions. My favorite was the 3 days later part. The Wal-Mart King username was pretty clever.

  2. I feel like its very true that if Walmart had a Twitter… it would be even more obvious how quickly they move on from one project to the next

  3. haha great minds think alike! love the 3 days later part though….it adds a good spin to the conversation. Its interesting that in the real situation, Walmart actually cared enough to pursue enacting a town vote. I would have guessed they just would have moved onto the next town like your twitter conversation suggests.

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