Walmart CEO vs. Costco CEO

And the drama between Costco and Walmart begins as this intense tweeting war breaks out over the internet on October 30, 2012 at 8:37p.m. All stabs within character limitations. I wonder what would happen without the filter.CostcoWholesale@CostcoTweets

Great year with our amazing employees. I guess decency means more than always low prices. #winning #employeesatisfaction #bestplacetowork #costcotrumpswalmart


Retweet:@Adam Liptak  Justice Rules for Walmart class-action bias case. Great News Article. Costco Please Read.  @W. Craig Jelinek


I wonder what stories female workers could tell. Thank goodness for our employee rights policies. #discriminationisntcool #weloveourworkers #workersloveus


@Rob Walton We deserves good marks for the way we have done business over the years. Culture of integrity and respect tell a powerful story #worldslargestdiscountretailer


Boy I hope our competitors are doing better than last year. Two years of declining sales must be stressful. #inittowinit #noexcuses #costcokillingcompetition


Touche Costco Touche @W. Craig Jelinek


4 thoughts on “Walmart CEO vs. Costco CEO

  1. I was really surprised to see Walmart concede as well. I thought it would be the kind of annying tweeter to just keep tweeting until the whole wall was filled with their rambling thoughts– like the internet version of a Jerry Springer show.

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