The following tweet exchanges takes place between Ken Saro-Wiwa, a social activist for Ogioniland, Nigeria and Brian Anderson, the managing director of Royal Dutch/Shell’s Nigerian oil exploration and development operation.

@KSW Multi-national oil companies have carted away an estimated $100b worth of oil from Ogoniland, offering us nothing in return. Those days will soon be over. #Ogoniland #socialjusticeforOgonipeople

@KSW: The Bill of Rights will ensure our people will reap full benefits from our land! #TheBillofRights

@B.Anderson: I want to make it crystal clear to everyone that Shell is operating within the legal boundary in Nigeria. #ShellPolicyforNigeria

@KSW: Today, I would like to cordially invite Shell to join hand with us to fight for social justice. #socialjusticeforOgonipeople

@Anderson: Shell is not a tool for political power. #ShellPolicyforNigeria

@KSW: Shell must be held accountable to our people and our land. #socialjusticeforOgonipeople

@Anderson:Even if Shell severs ties with Nigerian government, other oil companies will come in and do the same. Energy is on demand everywhere. #ShellPolicyforNigeria

@KSW:Ogoni people will no longer let others destroy our land! TOGETHER, FIGHT FOR JUSTICE! #socialjusticeforOgonipeople

@Anderson:Shell is deeply concerned with the plight of Ogoni people but Shell cannot interfere with political conflicts. #ShellPolicyforNigeria

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4 thoughts on “@SocialjusticeforOgoniland

  1. Really good. I like how the reality of the political situation in Nigeria is clear in Shell’s attempt to be non-engaged. There is not option for non-engagement for Shell. Claiming to not take sides supports the status quo in this case.

  2. I liked this a lot. You gave the two sides very accurate voices. Ken Saro-Wiwa was very passionate, and Brian Anderson was very official and blunt.

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