For my Tweets, I  envisioned a conversation between Mike Daisey and Steve Jobs. I imagined it starting when Steve Jobs announced the release of a new iPhone…

@iJobs: New iPhone! #innovationcity #Appleatitagain

@MonologDaisey: @iJobs who actually made the new iPhone? #Foxconnworkers #overworkedunderpaid

@iJobs: @MonologDaisey Did you actually go to China or did make that up too? #Liar #billionairedon’tcare

@MonologDaisey: @iJobs  Why don’t you spend your billions on improving job quality instead of creating new products? #savethepeople #boycottapple

@iJobs: Boycott Apple? I’m sorry @MonologDaisey how many Apple products do you own? #Trynotusing #Applefanatic #Goaway


5 thoughts on “@iSteveJobs

  1. @Jordi – yeah Steve wins. Because people are going to use their Apple products no matter what – even if it all went straight into Jobs’s pocket

  2. My favorite line was by far “Did you actually go to China or did you make that up too?” I did a similar Twitter conversation about the lies Mike Daisey told and I think Jenna brings up a good point – would Steve Jobs care? I would like to think that all of Apple would have cared but they are such a big and came out so unscathed that I am not totally sure that they would..

  3. I agree with Courtney and Jenna, I do not think Steve Jobs would care because at the end of the day, he was still making money. I do not think someone like Mike Daisey could seriously impact Apple sales.

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