Hallow-nine blog post

Ok, terrible pun.  A week after our hiatus, and here we are, nestled between Frakenstorm and Halloween.  (GREAT visuals of storm damage here.)

So, you may or may not recall the last BC’s idea that this post should play with the constraint of the twitter “tweet’ character limit of 160 characters.  In fact, when Biz Stone was here, he mentioned at one point that constraints often lead to creativity.  So, embrace this constraint as a way to improve your creativity!

The idea is to take ay two antagonist, rivals, or interlocutors form our class and imagine they have a twitter exchange.  This should be around five tweets.  If you write it in wordpress, you get  a word count below, but not characters.  MS Word can do characters, and then you can paste it here (remember to use the tool in the WP editor!)

Have fun with this.  Try to get the “voice” of your two characters.  You can imagine a context or setting that would put them in conversation too.  Maybe they ran into each other at a restaurant?  At a political event?

A list of possible pairs below the jump…

Here is a partial list of pairs you could match up.  But it is only a partial list.

  1. Milton v. Ed
  2. Rawls v Nozick
  3. Rawls v Walzer
  4. Phil Knight v Michael Moore
  5. Steve Jobs v Mike Daisey
  6. Biz Stone v Milton
  7. Ken Langone v. AFL CIO person
  8. Paul Krugman (How did economists get it so wrong) v.Secretary of Treasury Geithner (ora Bank CEO).
  9. CEO of Costco v. CEO of Wal-MArt
  10. CEO of Wal-Mart v. City Council of Inglewood, CA
  11. An activist from Tea Party v. AIG head of investments.  Or activist from Occupy v. AIG head of investments.
  12. Jeff Skilling v. AG LAfley (the Proctor and Gamble CEO)

And so on… basically you can look at the syllabus and pick the two you think would be fun to put into a back-and-forth.

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