Tweeting about Breakfast?

I found an interesting article online about Twitter that I thought people might be interested in reading. Personally, I do not tweet. I do not think I have anything interesting or am funny enough to post about my daily life. The funny thing is, the reason I dislike and do not use Twitter is the same reason that makes it so popular. The article I found is from Time Magazine and discusses on simple Tweets about what people had for breakfast is one of the reasons Twitter is so popular. The more people you follow, the more diverse Tweets you get to see. I find it very interesting that Twitter has transformed from a way to post about your day to a device used to keep up with current events and read debates different people are having.


One thought on “Tweeting about Breakfast?

  1. Wait, why are breakfast tweets so popular?

    I use twitter in order of importance to
    1) Follow scholars, politicians, or other thinkers whose ideas I am interested in.
    2) To follow friends. None of my friends have ever posted about breakfast.


    Did you know wordpress does emoticons?

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