IBM: A Great Green Leader

IBM’s Icon of Progress: Corporate Leadership in Environmental Responsibility

When I clicked on the link to Newsweek’s Top Green Companies, I really had no idea what to expect.  Environmental protection has always been an interest of mine, so “green” companies often stand out to me.  IBM is the first company on their list, and after doing some basic research, it is clear why they have earned the top spot.

Many companies have environmental policies, or at least claim to, but IBM goes above and beyond.  Their website features an entire section regarding the environment with several sub-pages thoroughly describing their green initiatives. Not only does IBM have a clearly development “Environmental Affairs Policy”, it is backed up by 11 bullet points describing specific policies.  One of the bullets that stood out to me is “Participate in efforts to improve environmental protection and understanding around the world and share appropriate pollution prevention technology, knowledge and methods.”  Many companies say they have an environmental protection policy and act in an environmentally friendly way in regards to business practices and consumption, but not many actually promote environmental protection around the world and work to educate others.

In order to support their environmental policy, IBM publishes annual reports on their programs and performance.  These reports are public and can be easily viewed on their website. Some of the topics covered in a typical report include global governance and management system, process stewardship, pollution prevention, water conservation, product stewardship, and more.  They also provide corporate responsibility reports that “provide an integrated overview of the economic, environmental and social dimensions of IBM’s business activities, products and services.”

These are only a few of their environmental protection initiatives.  Their website does a great job of explaining their overall policy, as well as each individual stipulation.  IBM is definitely one of the most respected companies for their attention to and investment in the wellbeing of the environment.


3 thoughts on “IBM: A Great Green Leader

  1. From reading your article and clicking on the links I think it is great what IBm is doing. A lot of companies simply talk about their “green” initiatives but it is nice to see IBM put so much weight behind it by giving their causes and policy significant space on their website. However, what I think the company does best is provides reports on what they have done. This provides real transparency to the company which makes me feel good about its initiatives.

  2. This surprised me too! Even more interesting that IBM and HP are at the top of the list, while Apple hangs out at #50. How is it that Apple’s environmental-friendliness versus its competitors is so hyped up?

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