From Fiji with Love

I’m sure most people in this class have tried, if not heard about Fiji water. The company, simply known as Fiji markets itself as selling natural artesian water from the island of Fiji. I have tried the product myself and I noticed something a bit odd. On each individual bottle of Fiji the company writes “1% for the planet”. The idea behind this is that Fiji donates 1% of their sales to organizations in support of environmental causes. This is a noble cause that I aplaud the company for upholding. However, when you go to their store website, the first advertisement which comes up when you google Fiji water, the first main slogan states “from the islands of Fiji delivered to your doorstep”.
These two ideas seem to be at odds. How could a company that in theory cares so much about the environment that they want to give 1% of all revenue to support it, justify shipping water from Fiji to the US and also displacing the water all together. These ideas seem to be at odds for me. I assume that the company itself in reality does more damage to the environment by producing its water than it restores through its donations. This raises the question of why try all together. For me I think it is nothing more than a corporate company with a guilty conscious. The company itself is trying to generate positive PR and spin by trying to be environmentally friendly while its core business helps destroy the very environment it looks to protect. I find this contrast within the Fiji company, and really all bottled water companies to be very interesting.


One thought on “From Fiji with Love

  1. I find your point about their guilty conscious to be really interesting. Being an environmental studies minor, i’ve always been concerned with the disposable water bottle issue. Still, Fiji water has always caught my eye because of its uniqueness. I’ve never really thought about a bottled water company’s environmental protection initiatives as them acting on a guilty conscious. I agree with your assessment… I think one of the reasons they advertise that policy is to limit the criticism they get for importing water from so far away.

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