Do Something…Literally

Who doesn’t love hearing about the next big company scandal in the business world? In a society where being the best, the biggest, and the most profitable are highly praised attributes for corporations, unethical behavior is pretty much unavoidable. On every popular magazine or newspaper cover, it seems as if there is another company who is charged with breaking the rules. I can admit that I too love to read all of the juicy drama and corporate scandals happening each and every day, but wouldn’t it be a nice change to read about companies who are doing good rather than just those that are making the most money or receiving the most negative press?

 For my second paper, rather than focusing on unethical behavior and major faults of companies like Nike, I am choosing to look at truly inspiring companies. When I say inspiring companies, I’m not talking about companies that sell the most products or bring in the most revenue. I’m talking about a non-profit company who focuses on making a difference in the world. The organization called Do Something was co-founded in 1993 by Andrew Shue with the goal of encouraging young people to become active citizens and leaders while also making community involvement fun. Do Something is built on a culture of volunteerism and activism through social change among young teens and it is one of the largest organization in the U.S that helps young people help causes that they care about. According to the website, the web-based organization has over 300,000 members and reaches over 11 million teens through their use of media, marketing, and pop culture.

I stumbled upon this company a few months ago and was really blown away by all of the causes they have participated in and all of the buzz they have created through their expert marketing practices.  They received a 4 star Charity Rating from Charity Navigator while only 9% of U.S charities actually get 4 stars, and in their 2011 “Give a Spit” campaign, 15,000 new donors were registered to help save the lives of Leukemia patients. They help provide scholarships and education to those in need, and support causes like homelessness, human rights, U.S troops, poverty, etc. Not only does this company aim at giving back, but it is also considered one of the best non-profit companies to work for.

There are a lot of problems occurring globally, but there are just as many problems happening here in the United States. I am all for helping other countries in need, but what I really like about Do Something, is that it focuses on fixing major problems that we have in our own country. More importantly, it does this by inspiring the future generation. We are the future generation, and teenagers and high school students are a huge part of that future generation. As said in the presidential debate last night, it is important to give the younger generation opportunities in order for our country to flourish. Do Something definitely takes a huge step towards making a difference to those less fortunate, and allowing our younger generation to make it happen.


2 thoughts on “Do Something…Literally

  1. What exactly do they do?

    Do you think they cleverly borrowed just a little of Nike’s positive vibe of
    Just Do it.” ? Now, they have defined the “it,” well, a little, as “something?”

  2. That’s a good point. “Just do it” is pretty similar to “do something”. All of these companies are so bossy aren’t they!? I still don’t know what Nike means by “Just Do it.” What exactly is “it?” Do something is at least a little more easy to decipher. Something I guess means anything. Anything that is “good” or “helpful.” That’s what I get from it anyway.

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