Dillards? Racial Profiling in the South Will Not Work

So many of you may not know what Dillards is but it is the third largest department store in the United States. I am very familiar because my mom’s entire family is from a small town in Alabama and it is pretty much considered Khols. It is obviously a department store operating in the north also but I’ve only experienced them in the south. What most of us do not know is that Dillards has been accused on many accounts of racial profiling in the U.S.

Dillards has actually been sued by more than 80 african american shoppers for racial profiling. Many similar claims have been made by shoppers in Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, and Georgia. This is not your normal racial profiling incidents either. It is not about fair pay to employees or even discounts to non white customers. These allegations which have been prevalent are on excessive force used on african american customers. An interesting statistic has plagued Dillards. Since 1994 6 people have died from confrontations with Dillards security guards. First off, why do department stores have security guards? Second I cannot think of any case that the security guards would need to kill someone over a confrontation. It is literally insane to know this happens.

Basically all of these problems have occurred because the security guards racially profile customers going to buy Dillards products. You would think that as such an established department store that even if they had security guards it would simply just to provide jobs. But Dillards is choosing to employee large and aggressive security guards to guard clothes and other harmless goods. Why is this even legal? To extend this question even further, why would Dillards after a single death not make extreme changes. Most people might not know this department store but these issues present an awful image for this department store.


3 thoughts on “Dillards? Racial Profiling in the South Will Not Work

  1. Department stores have security guards to combat shoplifting, but I think it’s best when security is more subtle. When I interned at Nordstrom, I learned a bit about theft prevention, and the security workers are pretty much always incognito and posing as normal shoppers. I’ve never visited a Dillard’s store, but it sounds as if their security guards assume that African-Americans who are browsing the merchandise have bad intentions. It’s unbelievable that they’ve gone as far as they have in these confrontations, and that it’s happened repeatedly in these stores.

  2. 6 deaths?? Thats absolutely insane. It sounds like their security guards are more like bouncers at a bar or club than security guards at a department store. Bouncers are usually pretty big guys, but that’s because they need to be able to deal with intoxicated full grown men. Security guards at a department store definitely don’t need to be the same! It is not common for a shoplifter to be an actual safety threat, so why do the security guards need to be a threat to the shoppers safety?

  3. I am white, and was treated to horrible customer service at Dilliards! The horrible treatment was at Baron Springs Mall, in Austin, TX, and Dilliard’s off duty cops armed and dangerous circled me like sharks because I complained that I could not get my Estee’ Lauder purchase that I had put on my Dilliard’s Credit Card the day before. I was doing no harm and only wanted my purchase that I had already paid for…I was paid off by a Dilliard’s family member flying around in their Gulfstream. They shut me up quickly because they know they have trouble on their hands.This is a company that is ruthless and brutal and I thought their four off duty police were going to kill me.

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