Play Hard at Work

A state of the art gym, masseuse, car detailer, pool tables, gold court, and day-care all at work…I wouldn’t complain. The software company SAS knows how to treat their employees.  Watch this 60 Minutes video with my favorite interviewer, Morley Safer, on SAS:

Rated #1 best company to work for in 2010 and 2011 by Forbes, SAS wants its employees to be happy, healthy, and more productive.To achieve this, the SAS campus in Cary, NC, offers a huge arrangement of amenities to its lucky employees, from a golf course to a work-life center that helps employees manage financial debt, parenting, and elder care. The company emphasizes an environment that fosters creativity. To aid this, SAS implements many tactics, including a no dress code policy and encouragement to use the many facilities at any time during the day.  CEO Jim Goodnight has the right idea when taking into account his employees. The company boasts the fact that it has never laid off an employee. One employee even remarks that he wouldn’t leave SAS even if someone offered him double his salary.

Not only does SAS emphasize treating its employees right, but it also treats the environment well. It is a leader in environmental sustainabilityand implements many new environmentally friendly practices. For example, there is a solar farm on the SAS campus in Cary, NC. This solar farm, which is basically a field full of solar panels, lowers CO2 emissions by 1600 tons annually. To cut the grass underneath the panels in the field, SAS uses sheep instead of a gas-emitting lawn mower.

SAS sheep

One of the coolest energy saving innovations at SAS is the regenerable energy from the elevators. Basically the energy that the elevator develops when going down is transferred to power computer modems and desktops at the company. Other environmentally friend features at SAS include solar thermal systems that provide hot water for the campus, taking basic recycling to a new level, as well as the new building being constructed that follows green building guidelines.

Who wouldn’t want to work at SAS?

3 thoughts on “Play Hard at Work

  1. Sounds like a pretty awesome company! It reminds me of the Walmart/Costco reading we did last week. Because a company takes so much time and money making their employees happy are they missing out on their full profit potential? I certainly would want to work their after reading your post!

  2. We talked about this company briefly in my Organizational Theory class. Apparently SAS employees get a 90% discount off $30,000 to their own golf course. These people are living the dream. Perhaps something you could discuss in your paper is if values and culture are built from the bottom-up, or the top-down. Clearly in this case it seems to be the ladder. The CEO clearly has a good idea of what it takes to be productive and profitable in the long-run, as he firmly believes his employees are his most valuable assets.

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