“If you were gay that’d be okay, ’cause hey I’d like you anyway”

DOMA, or The Defense of Marriage Act can be read in full here.  In short, it states that just because one state has recognized same sex marriage, another state does not have to abide by the same regulations of the state that recognized it.  In clearer terms, if a couple (male and male) get married in California, when they take a family vacation to North Carolina, this marriage does not have to be recognized.  The Act continues on to define ‘marriage’ and ‘spouse.’  Marriage meaning a legal union between man and woman and a spouse meaning refers “only to a person of the opposite sex who is a husband or wife.”  Clearly the words ‘opposite sex’ are stated.

An article in Bloomberg, discusses the unconstitutionality of this Act.  The article argues that “married people are married and should be treated as such by the federal government.”  I agree with this.  If one state grants a couple, of any gender combination, as a married couple, then the rest of the states – even the rest of the world – should recognize this marriage.  The article argues that this is unconstitutional because it doesn’t guarantee all couples equal protection under the law.  Its unconstitutionality defines this law as unjust.

If men and women are supposedly equal, and man is allowed to married woman, then it only makes sense that man can marry man and woman can marry woman.  If two women are married in Massachusetts than Illinois, Wisconsin, and South Dakota should all recognize these women as married.  Current pop culture accepts same sex marriages and constantly portrays them on TV.  I watch a lot of TV, and can tell you that (of the shows I watched this week) 90210, Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, and Glee all have some type of same sex couples. I would easily be able to name many plays and movies, all current, that star gay couples.  Check out a sweet clip of a hilarious couple currently starring on Modern Family.

The current portrayal of same sex couples in current media shows this day and age, or the current thriving generation’s acceptance of same sex couples.  All people should be accepting of other peoples’ choices.  If someone is gay, they shouldn’t be scorned for this, and if they are lucky enough to have fallen in love, they should be able to show that love to the world through marriage.  No government regulation should keep them from that.  A couple shouldn’t be told by law that they can be married in one state, and not in another.  It is unjust.


One thought on ““If you were gay that’d be okay, ’cause hey I’d like you anyway”

  1. I agree with you completely Courtney. In this case you can really see the varying degree of power between state and federal law. It is a shame that not all states allow same-sex marriage. I’d be curious to see how many cases there are of couples moving and only living in states that view their marriage as legitimate.

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