Really? I’m THAT liberal?

Obama’s Inauguration 2009

Looking quickly over the first couple blog entries this week, I noticed that several of the people who chose the quiz option were somewhat surprised by their results.  I was no different.

I would consider myself pretty politically conscious, but by no means an expert in any current issues.  I often avoid conversation about politics all together, simply because I don’t believe I know enough information to make a legitimate argument for any of my beliefs.  Still, in high school my group of friends was comprised of several very opinionated girls, all of whom were very proud democrats.  Because of this, I found myself joining the Young Democrats club early in my high school career.  I will willingly admit that I probably initially joined to avoid any awkward solo lunch hours, but I remember being pleasantly surprised with the club.  We had weekly meetings, supported local representatives, and marched every year in the Memorial Day parade.  Although I came from a Democratic household, I think being involved in this club confirmed my belief that I truly am a Democrat, much like my very liberal mother.

Along with being part of the Young Democrats, I also attended Obama’s inauguration on January 20th, 2009 with two of my best friends and one of their moms.  We woke up at 4am, took a train into the city (we were staying with friends just outside), and weaved our way through the massive crowds to secure a spot for ourselves in an area that was considered a “great viewing location.”  Great may be an exaggeration, since we could barely make out figures in front of the Capitol, but because large crowds were anticipated, jumbo-trons were provided every hundred yards.  The atmosphere was exciting- music was blasting and people were dancing in any open space they could find to keep warm.  Standing in 20 degree weather for over 10 hours was well worth it to see Obama make history.

When I took the “Left-Right Gradations” survey, I received the title of “Solid Liberal.”  It may seem as though I would not be surprised at all by the results of my survey based on my background, but I have never considered myself “Solid anything” in the political world.  Maybe it was just because my friends are beyond “Solid Liberals,” but I have always thought I was a more conservative democrat.  I guess not, or else I would have received the title of “New Coalition Democrat” or “Hard-Pressed Democrat.”  While I am not upset by this title by any means, I am definitely a little surprised.  I felt comfortable and confident choosing a statement for every question, but seeing that title makes me want to educate myself further on why I would be considered such a “Solid Liberal.”


5 thoughts on “Really? I’m THAT liberal?

  1. I feel exactly the same way about politics. It’s not that it doesn’t interest me, but I feel like as a 21 year old, I don’t know enough about politics to support one solid view. Which is why I’m mostly on the fence and somewhere in-between. It’s hard to fully understand the issues involved in politics because we’re still in college and a lot of us still live at home when we aren’t at school. Which means we don’t pay bills, or have one feeling over another in regards to taxes etc.

  2. This:
    “I often avoid conversation about politics all together, simply because I don’t believe I know enough information to make a legitimate argument for any of my beliefs.”

    is admirable. I also suggest it doesn’t stop 95% of the people on TV, Radio, the Internets, and even print media (maybe 90% there) from putting all kinds of opinions and analysis out there as part of the political conversation.

    I don’t think “total mastery of facts” is the price of admission to being an engaged citizen.

  3. You, and many other bloggers, stated at the end that they want to be more educated about politics and their political opinion. I could not agree more. I know I have certain beliefs, but I do not know enough about these topics to hold an intelligent conversation. Instead of just knowing where I stand on certain issues, I want to educate myself on where the presidential candidates stand on those issues and what they plan to do once they get into office.

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