Liberal vs Republican


I come from a family where the usual consensus is that we do not talk about politics at the dinner table, especially during big family holiday events. On my mom’s side of the family, we have a very well-rounded sampling of “the New Normal”; a former CEO of A&P at the end of the table along side a gay, democratic politician who created a beautiful baby boy in a petri dish who also sits across the table from two adopted chinese girls. My father being the outcast of my mother’s family always likes to push people’s buttons by asking about politics or religion at the dinner table. When I was younger, I never understood what was going on and why Grammy would leave the room crying because everyone was getting heated about the political topic as hand. Because of this, I have become completely “PC” at any dinner table without giving my full opinion (or better yet, lack there of). 

I was truly excited to see that the blog post this week was to take a test to gage your political preference. I never identified myself to either. I believed to the economical views my father and his father held but I also come from catholic mercy schools that strive for a better society, whether that entails environmental issues or health issues. When I found out that the second quiz identified me as “wall street republic” I spilled my drink out of my hand. I would never consider myself that kind of political preference. I think one of the reasons this quiz came to that conclusion is that most of the questions sadly did not pertain to me. When it comes to paying bills or owning a home (which is 84% of these wall street republics) I do not fit. How can I truly answer some of these questions when I barely have real life experience?



5 thoughts on “Liberal vs Republican

  1. I think that those quizzes were entertaining, but definitely not completely accurate. They may be useful to gauge a general political direction, but like you said, if you cannot answer all of the questions with 100% confidence (like the home ownership one), then they’re not going to produce proper results.

  2. I agree with you, I found the majority of the questions on the quizzes to be un-relatable. (I took all three). Many of the questions were not applicable to me and other questions only offered two extreme choices. I do not believe that someone’s political opinion can be gauged based on as little as 10 questions, especially when these questions do not cover all social, environmental, and economic issues.

  3. I’d agree with all of the above, there were multiple questions in all three quizzes that I lacked the experience to answer, or felt that both choices were terrible. I’ve always found it easier to say that I feel liberally about certain issues, and conservatively about others, but that I don’t follow either party line across the board.

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