C. Wright Mills would be ashamed

My sociological imagination is at an all-time low right now. In fact, tonight I chose to catch up on homework rather than watch the presidential debate. It feels like I have no time for society anymore. Ever since I got to college, I’ve watched less sports than ever before, which really shows how truly disconnected I am. I guess I got used to watching tv once in a while through hulu.com, and catching up on articles through twitter.

I am a beginner when it comes to politics, and feel embarrassed to even state my opinion because I know how uneducated I am about certain issues. I’ll be honest, I’m a little scared to vote, mainly because I don’t know enough about each candidate. I guess it’s a combination of a lack of time and a lack of care. But how do I motivate myself to care more about our societal issues?

After taking the quizzes, I was labeled as a Libertarian and a solid liberal. These may not be entirely accurate because most of my answers tended towards “maybe” or “no opinion.” Although I felt uninformed about many of the questions, I did learn something important about my political views.

On the questions I did answer, I had a genuine reason revolving around a person or relationship in my life that helped me answer. For example, regarding the question about homosexual marriage, I answered that I do support it. When reading the question, I immediately thought of my good friend from home, who’s sister is Lesbian and a lead in the Boston homosexuality-marriage movement. She works really hard and has a popular blog on homosexuality. My friend used to educate me on the issue first hand. Another question that reminded me of someone was the question about illegal immigrants. On my freshman hall, my neighbor was a Mexican kid named Hernan. Hernan told me the story of his life and how he made it this far, all because of his parents. His parents saved up their whole life just to migrate to the USA, then worked their asses off to start a landscaping company. Hernan’s parents created jobs for many people, yet had to constantly deal with illegal immigrant issues. Hernan was in the process of creating a petition to send to the USA government in support of illegal immigrants.

I learned that I simply do not know enough about political issues, whether national or global. Regarding the issues I understand, I have a personal relationship that affected my life relating to the issue. Maybe the solution is to put myself out into the world more, and listen to peoples’ stories. Reading the newspaper and watching debates can only educate one so far…


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