Behind The Surveys

I completed the “Political Typology” (second link) quiz to gauge my political standing.  I have always considered myself a moderate, because I find myself in agreement with arguments on both sides of the spectrum.  I used to consider myself leaning more toward the right, but over the last few years I have felt more in line with the Democratic perspective.  Upon completion of the survey, I was categorized into the “Post Modern” typology.  I, “along with 13% of the public,” belong to this category which believes that Wall Street does more to help the economy than to hurt it, but also that same-sex marriage should be legalized.  I agree with everyone of the arguments that this group makes, but a more important piece of information to look t is the overall survey results for each category.

Post Modernists were not nearly as affected by the recent economic crisis as others.  The survey shows that just 15% of this group have not yet recovered from the economic downturn as opposed to second to last place, the “Solid Liberals” category, with 30% not yet recovered.  To me, this means that most people in this category are not as focuses on personal finance related issues.  Along with the fact that the survey also describes the people in this category as being the least bothered by the mortgage crisis, means that post modernists do not view big business as “evil.” This would normally mean a support for the right side of the spectrum, which historically as favored big  business.

On the other hand, Post Modernists lean left on the Energy Policy issues second to last with 13% in favor of focusing on alternative energy instead of expanding oil/coal/natural gas exploration, as opposed to third to last, “main street republicans” with 26% in favor of alternative energy.  Normally, right wing candidates are more in favor of natural resource exploration than left wing candidates, which implies that post modernists have a more liberal agenda in some respects.

Recently, I have considered myself Independent because it was difficult to favor one side over the other on every issue.  I was surprised that this website offered an accurate viewing of my ideology and that i fit so well into a certain category.


4 thoughts on “Behind The Surveys

  1. Similarly, I have struggled with choosing between Democrat and Republican sides of politics. I also believe in social liberalism and economic conservatism. I think that this social but not necessarily economical liberalism is becoming more a trend in American youths. Many young people our age believe in gay marriage, abortion, stem cell research, etc etc. I often wonder if these things will become the “norm” in the future. Just as it was once a law to segregate blacks and whites, which we now think of as unimaginable, I wonder if we will look back in 30 years and wonder how we once did not allow homosexual couples to marry.

    • I am pretty sure we will look back at it that way. When the kindergartners think a particular issue is clearly one way or another, whoever is fighting change has lost. Racism is bad? Check. Girls can do anything? Check. Earth is good (we should recycle)? Check. Homosexuals are ok? Check.

      Just my little theory of social change. When kindergartners agree on an issue, that is the future.

  2. Good point Jordi. I thought of that earlier when reading all of the posts. Maybe the reason many of us have said we are independent, moderate, indecisive, or soically liberal economically conservative is because that is just how our generation is. Or maybe that is how society will begin to be long into the future? On the other hand, maybe it’s just students with limited amounts of information on politics.
    *joe you forgot a “h” in has and an “a” in at

  3. It is true that our generation is definitely different than the ones before us. Events in history, such as the Great Depression, have shaped the political beliefs of the older generations. Our generation has yet to experience any significant event that would change our political beliefs (the financial crisis doesn’t count since we were all teeny boppers). Do you think that when something actually does happen to our generation, that we will change our political views? Obviously topics such as gay marriage and abortion are most likely not going to change, but what about our stance regarding business and the role of government. Do we only believe what we believe now because we are all still young?

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