And Survey Says…

I’ll admit it- I’ve never really liked politics.  To tell you the truth, I actually despise politics, which is probably due to the fact that my entire family, including my extended family, has adopted the “it’s my way or the highway” mentality.  Anyone who does not agree with them pretty much gets drawn and quartered (just ask my ex-Aunt Mary who is no longer apart of our family… haha just kidding… but coincidentally enough Aunt Mary did have different political views).  For example, just this week my entire family forwarded this link, along with the following message: “For everyone who hasn’t seen the movie, “Obama 2016,” here it is in its entirety. I urge you to please set some time aside to watch this great documentary. It only costs you your time. If we don’t get it right this election, it will cost us more than just 1 hour and 16 minutes.”  Anyways, when I heard about the topic of this week’s blog post, lets just say I was less than excited.

I know this will make me sound uneducated in politics, but I sort of always thought that a person could either be on the right or left side of politics.  I didn’t really know that being in the middle was a legitimate political belief.  Since I’ve never really agreed with either the right or the left stances, I always just assumed that there wasn’t a place for me in the world of politics.

When I took the surveys (of which I took two), I was quite pleased with the results.  Not only did I learn that there is in fact a place for me in the political world, but I actually believe in everything they (the libertarians) stand for.  I, along with 9% of the population, believe in the following:

  • Economically very conservative but moderate to liberal on social issues
  • Highly critical of government
  • Strongly pro-business
  • Accepting of homosexuality
  • Less religious than the average American
  • Moderate views about immigrants compared to other GOP-oriented groups

This is 100% spot on, and I kind of want to find that other 9% and have a party with them.  Also when reading over the beliefs of the libertarians, I can definitely see how they are a mix of my own individual beliefs, along with the heavy influence of the beliefs of my family.  Once again, I apologize for sounding so uneducated about politics, but I truly believed that someone like me would just never ever enjoy anything regarding politics.  To find out that there are people who have the same beliefs as me is exciting.  It actually makes me want to get involved and learn more.


7 thoughts on “And Survey Says…

  1. Politics are a hard topic to discuss in any circumstance. My mother absolutely love politics… she follows the election religiously and watches political commentary every night while cooking dinner. Even though we have similar perspectives, I don’t like talking politics with her. I find that every situation turns into the same heated debate. People get defensive and sometimes even angry – even if you’re on the same “side”. I appreciate their passion, but sometimes it’s just overkill.

  2. I am glad you found a political home for your own beliefs.

    My won take on the Liberatarians in US politics is that they usually seem to in the Republican big tent, but not very happy about it. Ron Paul is perhaps the clearest example. Although my own brother feels a lot of affinity for the libertarian viewpoint and tends to drift Republican. Or he did before before Bush II got into office (W).

    If one just looks at the beliefs, it is not clear to me why the R party would be the “obvious” home for Libertarians.

  3. Also, and I do not mean to insult your family, but the Obama 2016 film is a ridiculous set of assertions backed up by some really, really bad literary analysis. One of the key people behind it is Dinesh D’Souza. He was on campus at the invite of the BUCC. Did anyone hear him? I was wondering if it would engender a debate or discussion, or if only folks who totally agree with him would go (local polarization? Just thinking of other comments on the blog this week).

    Anyway, I don’t want to take up too much of your blog on this, but I can’t let the film go uncommented on. The gist of it is that Obama is secretly trying to change America into a vision of a society of what his father, the Kenyan educated in the US, would have wanted in a post- or anti-colonial society. And the producers and Mr. D’Souza base this on a literary analysis of Obama’s memoir ( Dreams of my Father). Not, you know, on his actual record of votes or decisions. Things like expanding the war in Afghanistan, increasing the rate of predator drone strikes all over the world, bailing out the financial system, saving the auto industry, and handing insurance companies 45 million new customers (that is called socialistic health care).

    I think it would be fun to imagine a real anti-colonialist in office.

  4. I really enjoyed the honesty in your response. I also find myself in the middle between left and right, and only agree with a few arguments on both sides. To me the concept of a two party system seems outdated since social issues and financial issues (gay marriage vs tax policy) seem to be completely unrelated, and therefore should not be packaged into one belief.

  5. I agree with Joe, I tend to be more liberal when it comes to social issues and more conservative when it comes to financial issues. Deciding to who to vote for this election is going to be a difficult choice, mainly because the two candidates are very much on opposite sides of the spectrum. After taking the quizzes, I too realized that I need to become more educated in politics in order to make a more informed decision when casting my vote.

  6. Heather, I’d actually say they’re not that far apart on the political spectrum. Candidates who have more extreme views generally aren’t going to be elected in the U.S – Ron Paul being one of them, though apparently a lot of our class found out they were libertarian. I know what you mean, though, that they do stand for some pretty different things. I also feel like up to this point in the election, Romney’s been trying to cast himself as more conservative than he actually is. If he chose to appear more moderate, I wonder if he’d be able to snatch up more undecided voters.

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