Am I really a Post-Modern?

I took the Right-Left Gradation survey and the results were as follow.



What They Believe

Generally supportive of government, though more conservative on race policies and the safety net

Strongly supportive of regulation and environmental protection

Most (56%) say Wall Street helps the economy more than it hurts

Very liberal on social issues, including same-sex marriage

One of the least religious groups: nearly a third are unaffiliated with any religious tradition

Favor the use of diplomacy rather than force

Who They Are

The youngest of the typology groups: 32% under age 30

A majority are non-Hispanic white and have at least some college experience

Half live in either the Northeast or the West

A majority (58%) live in the suburbs

63% use social networking

One-in-five regularly listen to NPR; 14% regularly watch The Daily Show

I think this survey is American-centric and don’t really work for non-American citizens. Many of the descriptions of believes for the post-moderns are not similar to mine. Therefore, I don’t think that I belong to Post-moderns group because many of the description of the group do not capture my personality. For instance, I am not very liberal on social issues. I would not say I am opposed to same-sex marriage but I still do not quite like the idea of same-sex marriage. Also, I am a devout Buddhist but the fact that I do not believe in God put me into the least religious group, unaffiliated with any religious tradition. As for the use of force, I think that it just depends on the circumstances.

But many of the description of the post-moderns fit me well though, except that I do not regularly listen to NPR or watch The Daily Show. Overall, I think the survey questions are very interesting and it covers very wide areas of notions from religion and racial equity to terrorism, and environmental issues. I got an opportunity to learn some fundamental factors that are important for American politics and for most American people.

In my country, people are not very concerned with environmental issues and race policies. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, my country has a lot of minority groups living together for centuries; therefore, racial equity has been achieved to an acceptable degree. However, the Burmese people are fiercely conservative when it comes to social issues, and most are sternly opposed to abortion and same-sex marriage. The majority are devout Buddhists and sincerely believes in service, sincerity, and sympathy towards the community. Material wealth, level of education, track record, and seniority counts a lot in the most decision-making processes. Therefore, the idea of democracy- one person counts for one vote- still does not appeal to some people who are easily succumbed to the social influence of aforementioned factors. On the other hand, some people simply think democracy as the majority reach consensus and get their way and the minority is excluded from the decision-making. Actually, democracy is a balanced system in which different parties try to reach a balanced decision that is acceptable to all. Perhaps, this is the reason why Daw Aung San Suu Kyi said democracy in my country is still at the embryonic stage.


One thought on “Am I really a Post-Modern?

  1. Awesome post Nyein. It is really interesting to hear about your country and the different values. Also really cool to listen to your opinion about what you think of democracy.

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