May as well call me Courtney Clinton.

I have to admit, I was not excited at all when I heard that the blog post this week revolved around politics.  I have never developed an intrigue or knack for politics like many people do, and to be honest, I don’t really pay attention.  I haven’t even filed for or filled out (or whatever) my absentee ballot yet.  I know this is bad, I should care more about the leader of our country and all that jazz but I have been alive through almost five presidential terms at this point, and I have yet to see one President completely change the country for the good or bad.

Due to my extreme lack of passion and knowledge of politics, I decided to take the quizzes and reflect upon my experience taking them.  I took all three quizzes and will reflect on each quiz and the results.  So if you want to know more about me and my quiz taking results, keep reading.  If not feel free to read someone’s post who actually understands and cares more about the political system than I do.

Quiz One.  Quick, easy and to the point.  My kind of Quiz!  According to the results of this quiz I am a “Centrist.”  This result does not surprise me.  I am currently registered as an Independent for this reason in particular.  There are some things where I agree with the Republican side and some where I am clearly more Democratic.  I would have said before taking these quizzes that I am most likely Democratic when it comes to social issues and more Republican for economic issues.  The quiz pretty much reflect this.  Although I came up as a Centrist – meaning I fall somewhere between the two parties, I lie on the edge of the Centrist boundaries towards being Liberal and Libertarian.  Although those two names sound the same, they are rather different.  Being a liberal means that I embrace freedom of choice, the promotion of equality, and believe that diverse lifestyles should be tolerated.  And do I personally agree with this?  Why yes, yes I do.  According to the quiz, I also lean towards the Libertarian side meaning I support smaller government, that gives people the freedom to make their own choices in personal as well as economic matters.  When I read the details of this description I found that I was somewhat surprised.  I am not sure if I agree with each of these details, but then again, I did come out over all as a Centrist.

The next Quiz provided more insight to my apparent Libertarian position!  This quizzes result page showed me that I may in fact fall more into this category than I originally thought.  What do Libertarians believe?  A Libertarian is economically conservative, and socially liberal – well, pretty much I am!  They are highly critical of the Government. Am I?  Not sure.  They are Pro-Business.  Am I?  Well, I am a Management Major so yes.  They are accepting of homosexuality.  As am I!  They are less religious than the average American.  I don’t practice.  And they have moderate views about immigrants.  My views could be described as moderate.  Reading the “Who are they” section, I found myself fitting in here too except two thirds of Libertarians are male, apparently I am part of the one third which is not.  A Majority identify themselves as Independent.  I do!  They are mainly non-Hispanic whites, have attended college, aren’t likely to attend church every week, and use social net working sites.  Check, Check, Check, and CHECK – I am addicted to Facebook and Twitter.  Clearly, I fit in.  Apparently, I am a Libertarian.

Taking the final quiz I got a not-so-whopping 45% of my answers matched to…. wait for… Ms. Hillary Clinton.  A little odd because she is a Democrat and I am apparently a Libertarian (more so Republican).  I personally think I was matched up to Ms. Clinton because I am a woman which would in fact make me most like her.  Other than that, I think my knowledge of and care for social issues is stronger than my knowledge of and care for economical issues and I probably ranked social issues for robustly.

All in all, I think this was a really interesting way for me to get more involved with politics and learn more about where I stand on the political spectrum.  Good idea for a Blog!


3 thoughts on “May as well call me Courtney Clinton.

  1. Courtney, were in the same boat. I don’t know much about politics, and can’t help but think, “will my vote even affect the outcome?” But obviously that’s a bad way of thinking, so we should learn more about the candidates’ so that we can vote…

    • Ironically, no your vote won’t. However, if everyone adopted that attitude, literally, than yours would. When we discuss Kant and the moral imperative, remember this.

  2. Well, we do have a government designed to NOT allow anyone too much power. So “and I have yet to see one President completely change the country for the good or bad” may be proof the constitution is working just fine.

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