Let’s Get Quizzical….

Sing my title to the tune of…

A lot of people in our generation (especially at prominent private universities) have a common phrase to describe their political affiliation. I think we all have heard someone say that they are “fiscally conservative, but socially liberal.” There are people who honestly believe that it is possible to support liberal social programs and maintain them without a certain level of taxes. I personally have viewed myself in this light without ever taking the time to recognize how implausible that belief really is.

When I took the “Advocates for Self Government” quiz I was honestly expecting to get results saying that I leaned toward being conservative. Therefore I was surprised when I read my results and discovered that I was deemed a Libertarian. The description for Libertarian is:

“Libertarians support maximum liberty in both personal and economic matters. They advocate a much smaller government; one that is limited to protecting individuals from coercion and violence. Libertarians tend to embrace individual responsibility, oppose government bureaucracy and taxes, promote private charity, tolerate diverse lifestyles, support the free market, and defend civil liberties.”

I feel like this idea of Libertarian political beliefs is a much more accurate definition of what people are trying to say by “fiscally conservative and socially liberal.” It was actually really great for me to see this because I feel now that I have a more accurate categorization for myself. We allow ourselves to be influenced so heavily by the media, our friends, families, and professors that sometimes we lose focus on what we actually believe ourselves. I think this quiz (while very short) was eye-opening to me. I believe it’s important to put everything we absorb in our lives aside, sit down, decide what it is that really matters to us, and vote accordingly.


6 thoughts on “Let’s Get Quizzical….

  1. I think that is why we are doing this, Mike, and I’m glad it worked to help you. There is often a lot of group think in politics and I couldn’t agree more about your characterization of people saying that they are “fiscally conservative, but socially liberal.” A lot of people I know do say that it this is actually similar to my post about it being our job to at least fine tune our beliefs so that we actually know where we stand with our political views.

  2. This made me think a lot about my current political stance. While I agree that “fiscally conservative, socially liberal” is a common belief among citizens our age (myself included), I think the discrepancy lies in what people consider socially liberal. Our generation has built on generations past, and is increasingly open to new ideas. The issue that comes to mind is gay rights. I believe that this struggle will be the “civil rights movement” of our generation. When I say I am “fiscally conservative, socially liberal” it is because I dont want to be considered socially conservative and because I support progressive social movements like gay rights and protecting the environment.

  3. I completely agree with Roger. When I took the political quiz and it said that I was a Main Street Conservative, I knew that matched how I felt about heavy taxation and government regulation, but not about social movements such as gay marriage. I struggle to chose a political side on the issues regarding the environment, however. I feel like the subject has gotten so politicized that it is impossible to tell what are the facts and what data has been manipulated to support both parties’ subversive agendas.

  4. I also agree with Roger and Meg. I was also classified as a Libertarian from the quizzes. Our generation, especially those currently in college, mainly classify themselves as socially liberal and economically conservative or so it seems. And while this is great, to know what you feel strongly about, that doesn’t put us in a party. I know my parents were somewhat put off that I couldn’t vote in the primaries because I registered independent, but if my beliefs lie partly on one side and partly on the other, than I don’t plan on picking one.

  5. Mike, I also was labeled a Libertarian. After thinking more about it, I wonder if there is a significant higher percentage of students at Bucknell with libertarian mindsets. Or perhaps, more so than other places. I say this because obviously Bucknell is a liberal arts institution and the majority of students are fairly well off. In a time where we should be very much aware of the country’s issues and current policies, it’s also worth understanding that in many ways we are a product of our environment.

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