Am I Who I Thought I Was?

My quiz results from The Pew Research Center told me that I was a Strong Liberal along with 14% of the other people who took the quiz.  The results page showed on some of the 20 questions where I stood in terms of where they placed me compared to the rest of the general public.  I liked the quiz and felt as though it gave me the result that I believed it would.  While I am a Political Science minor and my parents follow politics incredibly closely, I have never felt like I was a political aficionado.  That is why I would not have been surprised to get a different result back.

While I do follow politics a bit and have certainly been following the 2012 Presidential election, my understanding of the deep underlying issues is not as strong as it should be.  The quiz said to choose 1 of the two choices for each of the 20 rows and ” Even if neither statement is exactly right, choose the response that comes closest to your views.”  On a solid amount of them it was not an easy decision.  I feel as though a strong liberal would not hesitate in his responses to these questions and while I did not on many of them, there were a few where I did take my time to think.  That is why if I really look myself in the mirror I am probably more towards the center than this quiz has indicated.

I decided to take the short quiz that Jordi offered as well and that put me in the Liberal field too.  My results showed that I am a true left liberal in the eyes of the quiz.  While the quiz was short, it was very different in the questions and question forms.  This quiz offered a maybe option that the other quiz could have utilized as well.

I look forward to following the rest of the election and enjoying the debate tomorrow night.  While it is not more true that parents affect their children’s politic views than in my case, I have worked hard to form my own opinions on separate issues as I’ve grown older.  Our country is becoming more polarized by the day and whether or not you believe that to be a good thing, it is a certainty that each party is not the exact same thing as it used to be.  With the Tea Party and other extremist groups starting to gain power and influecne it is an important time for students our age to form their own opinions and as voters, lead this country in the direction we believe to be the right one.

At the end of the day, we all should vote…..because we are all Patriots!

2 thoughts on “Am I Who I Thought I Was?

  1. I think its interesting that you mention how you struggled on a lot of the questions to choose between the two seemingly extreme options. I too felt that way. But isn’t that what casting a vote in this election is essentially making us do? Perhaps not on the individual matters but in a general sense we have to decide which side we slightly lean towards.

  2. The quizzes are interesting. I think the short one is much more about “philosophy” where as the Pew one is pegged more to the parties’ positions.

    I didn’t know you were a poli sci double major! Is it easier or harder to talk about political differences among individuals in those classes? I wonder sometimes if it seems “out of bounds” in a management class. Are probability distributions skewed right or left? 😀

    I understand why the pew is a forced choice, but I also found myself hesitating on many of them and sort of anticipating (well I am X, so they want me to say Y). On the shortest one, i took it twice, once as I was “supposed” to answer and once with the nuance and complexity of those issues in my mind. For example, on drugs, I might say legalize marijuana, lower drinking age, crack down on tobacco even more, but never legalize heroin, cocaine, cyrstal meth. What about ecstasy and other “rec drugs”? Not sure. So the question was I think legalize all. Well, no. But our current policies are a mess and tragedy of epic proportions.

    Anyway, i can legitimately come out as liberal, center-left or center-right on the shortest one.

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