Politics, Campaigns, and Such (Blog Theme 6)

The might Blog Council hath proclaimed this the week of Politics and Campaigns.

The debate is this week, after all.

You have THREE choices. See below the jump for more details. Pick ONE of the three here.

  • What is your political philosophy?  Take an online quiz and reflect on what it tells you.
  • Discuss an issue that you are interested in and that is NOT being covered very much.  (I would say that almost any issue except maybe Medicare, US Gov’t Debt, Job Growth is under reported. And even those three are probably badly covered.  SO, really pick any issue). Educate yourself and us about your issue.
  • Explore a “structural” aspect of politics such as campaign finance, voting law and procedures, changes in parties over time, the difficulty of 3rd parties in the US system, the filibuster in the senate, and so on.Political Philosophy/Candidates

Ok, there are three to choose from.

  1. Shortest Quiz: This one simply puts you on a 2×2 grid of libertarian-social conservative and laissez-faire vs. Keynesian.  I don’t really know who the writers of the quiz are.  Can you find out?
  2. Left- Right Gradations: This one from one of my favorite polling centers is more nuanced than Red V. Blue.  Are you an Independent?  Strong liberal?  Strong Conservative?  By-stander?
  3. You compared to all 8(!) candidates for President.  “On the Issues,” the group that runs this one, does a nice job of seeing who you like based not on hair cut or “would you have a beer with X? (I’d go for Biden as he is bound to say something funny.  OTOH, If Romney is paying…), but on issues.  Maybe your secretly a Green?


Of course, you can start this one from many places.  But here are two interesting sources.  Think Progress, a progressive blog, made a list of 10 “Undiscussed Issues.”  Or, you can look at Project Censored, a group dedicated to pushing what they see as uncovered stories into the media.


I don’t have one “go to” choice for this.  I do have this “pearl tree” a set of bookmarks, of think tanks or advocacy groups focused broadly on these issues.  Click the link and explore.


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