Liar’s Poker A COnversation between Dick Fuld and Ken Lay

Ken Lay: @DickFuld dude how did you manage to blow up Lehman? #LOSERRRRRRR

Dick Fuld: @KenLay: At least I am not in jail and all our the businesses we were involved in were LEGITIMATE #dontdropthesoap

Ken Lay: @DickFuld YEAH RIGHT! You were as much of a crook as I was at #Enron #RIP

Dick Fuld: @KenLay not even close, our collapse was a product of #poorriskmanagement not of #cheating

Ken Lay: @DickFuld whatever helps you sleep at night man….just remember you almost collapsed the entire economy, probably should have just stopped being so #stubborn and saved you company

Dick Fuld: @KenLay look who is talking, you lost all your employees and now you are poor. At least I’m still #RICHHHHHHH

Michael Moore v. Phil Knight- The Showdown


This fictional twitter exchange between Michael Moore and Phil Knight is something that could have occurred following Phil Knight and Nike’s first viewing of the rough cut of Moore’s film, “The Big One.” Clearly this is not how the two would really handle the situation- but let’s just pretend their publicists, lawyers, families, etc. didn’t advise them otherwise and just let them have at it.

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Petrobras v Enron

The Following is a conversation on Twitter between the Petrobas CEO and Lay and Skilling (Enron Executives) on the Enron twitter account.

PetroBros: @EnronAndGone – Opening up a new rig next month #rollininthemoney #sustainabilityischill

EnronAndGone: @PetroBros – Biggest Energy Corp in South America huh? Congrats I guess… #USA #BiggestintheWorld

PetroBros: @ EnronAndGone – Put an asterisk next to that title, all your revenue was fake… #hasbeen #suckstosuck #stillinbusiness

EnronAndGone: @PetroBros – Congrats on your new social responsibility initiatives… heard they are expensive and time consuming #MiltonFriedman #WasteofMoney

PetroBros: @EnronAndGone –   #betterthanjail

Phil Knight Vs. Michael Moore

Below is a conversation between Phil Knight and Michael Moore after they initially met at the home of Nike:

@BigManMike: @JustDoingIt- Packing for our trip to Indonesia! #singaporeairlinesgetready #firstclass

@JustDoingIt: @BigManMike I’m not going. #backoffbigman #sorrynotsorry

@BigManMike: @JustDoingIt then why don’t you open up a factory in the states? #flintneedsjobs #americansneedjobs #closerthanindonesia

@JustDoingIt: @BigManMike say what you will, but Americans won’t make shoes. #indonesiaItIs #5dollarsaday

@BigManMike: @JustDoingIt you just wait #provingyouwrong

@JustDoingIt: @BigManMike no you just wait #imincharge #boss #endofstory