First Annual BGS Blog Olympics

Overall Medals (Best Blogs)

Gold Medalist: Allison Plaisance for her blog on 24
Silver Medalist: Joe Velli for his blog on Mad Men
Bronze Medalist: Heather Wilson for her blog on Prison Break

Congratulations to the medalists. The Blog Council felt you had the best blogs this week.


Individual Medals

High Jump Gold Medalist: Courtney Kelly

This award is given to the class-lete who demonstrated an ability to raise the bar of comments received like no other. With precision writing and borderline overuse of exclamation points pushing her along the way, Courtney Kelly’s post received 13 comments. Congratulations Courtney!

Figure Skating Gold Medalist: Allison Plaisance

A judging controversy looms in the air, as Alex Benoit and Michael Wald received perfect average scores of 5 stars – but both with less than 4 votes. Judges have decided to eliminate them both from a medal opportunity. With these two out of the running, Allison Plaisance somehow beat out Roger Boyd (also 4.5 stars with six votes) and has emerged and snagged her first gold medal in the event with an average rating of 4.5 stars on six votes for her piece on 24. The judges’ decisions were based on writing skills, transitions, performance and execution, choreography with class teachings and discussions, and an overall interpretation of the issues presented.

Marathon Gold Medalist: Nyein

This award is given to the class-lete that showed determination in his/her writing and pressed on even in the face of exhaustion. While there may have been extenuating circumstances dictating the length of the post, Nyein showed poise, strength, and drive on his way to this week’s longest blog.

Curling Gold Medalist: Sarah Rubio

For her fine precision in the Curling championship round, Sarah Rubio will receive a gold Medal.  Ms. Rubio wowed the crowd with her originality of topic as all of those around her chose to analyze Television and Movies. Sarah stepped out of the box and chose to examine the wild world of gossip magazines.  With sharp analysis and wit, we are honored to give her this award.

Heptathlon Gold Medalist: Alyssa Dunn

A lot of people can dominate one sport.  USA dominates basketball, Canada dominates hockey, but Alyssa Dunn dominates it all.  Her post on the Sister’s Keeper was excellent but she went the extra mile (pun intended) in order to win this award by posting a superb article on the the ‘Replacement Officals’ and how that correlates to our stakeholder/shareholder debates in class.  Her postings brought about great discussion and to Alyssa we say, thank you and congratulations.

100 Yard Dash Gold Medalist: Grace Howard

In the battle of quick postings about the movie “Wall Street”, Grace was just able to nudge out Austin at the finish.  While both posts had excellent analysis, great comments, and high ratings, Grace won by 1 tenth of second and will wave her nation’s flag at the top of the podium.

DQ Gold Medalist: Foster Perlmutter (North Korea)

After his amazing performance last week in the debate, Foster was unable to hop on a flight from North Korea to London for the blog Olympics and perform at all.  Despite this, everyone in his home country actually thinks he won every gold medal in every event.  Touche, Foster.


One thought on “First Annual BGS Blog Olympics

  1. Really, excellent. Now, I hope neither the IIOC nor the No Korean government come looking for my head.

    “Stories of the overzealous behaviour of the Locog’s brand-protection team have dogged the torch relay and created much ill feeling towards the Games. In Plymouth a café was told to take its “flaming torch breakfast baguette” off the menu. A florist in Stoke-on-Trent was told to remove an Olympic rings window display made from tissue paper, or risk a £20,000 fine, under laws set out in the Olympic Games Act of 2006.

    Yesterday, Evan Davis, presenter of the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, challenged Lord Coe, the Olympics supremo, on whether he would be allowed to turn up to an event in a Pepsi T-shirt. Lord Coe told him: “No, you probably wouldn’t be walking in with a Pepsi T-shirt because Coca-Cola are our sponsors and they have put millions of pounds into this project but also millions of pounds into grassroots sport.”

    From The Independent

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