Workaholics Mindset

I am sure some of you have probably scene the show on comedy central Workaholics. For those of you who don’t and appreciate really stupid humor I encourage you to watch. The show is about three best friends (Anders, Blake, Adam) that live together and work at a tele marketing company called TelAmeriCorp. The show follows these characters lives either at the office or at their home. Here is a small clip give an idea what Workaholics is all about.


Though the show is meant to completely fake and stupid the overall plot could be picking on corporate America and Americans in general at the workplace. These three idiots go through the work day doing LITERALLY  anything possible to prevent them from actually doing there job. Not all but I am sure a lot of us have either felt the same way or have done this in what we thought were mundane jobs. It really picks on the laziness that may be seen in American culture now.

There are a few episodes also that exhibit the lack of ethics in the workplace even at a telemarketing firm. One in particle is based on Anders, Adam, and Blake trying to figure out a way to pass a drug test. The guys are trying to figure out a way to hide their drug abuse and keep their jobs. It is an issue that may not be prevalent in most jobs but is definitely a situation that has happened in a workplace before that shouldn’t be an issue if we were all ethical beings. Another episode is centered around the boss boosting numbers by calling people that have been actively put on the do not call list. This relates to the articles and cases we have read about companies performing unethical business operations to boost their bottom lines.

Though this show is completely fictional and a comedy, can it be poking fun at the realistic actions of some of the current issues in the American workplace?


5 thoughts on “Workaholics Mindset

  1. Ronjohn, nice post. I have heard great things about this show from a lot of my friends, and have seen a few hilarious scenes. One question that came to my mind – is scheming to past a drug test unethical, or just illegal? Are these guys harming anyone with these drugs, or is it just a personal choice and their own issue? I guess one could make the argument that the drugs could be a factor in their poor job performance, which thus has an impact on the company’s performance as a whole. But then again, this could be insignificant. Just something to ponder.

  2. Very good point Alex. The act of actually doing the drugs and even falsifying a drug test is definitely illegal but a difficult question to answer may be are illegal acts also unethical? I am sure there can be points made in favor of both arguments. Yes I agree their poor job performance being unethical is quite insignificant, but I saw more ethical problems in the fact that they are decieving the company rather than being truthful. Something I didn’t add which I should have about this episode is that, the end solution they come up with is to conatminate every other employee’s test with their own urine sample so everyone comes up positive and not them. Have to hand it to them its a genius idea I would never have thought of.

  3. Fantastic show. Another unethical action performed while working at TelAmeriCorp is that every salesperson on the show is intentionally deceiving the people they are calling just to boost their personal sales. They have no regard for whether or not someone might actually need the item, or whether they have to trick them to get them to buy it. Although these events are hilarious on the show, in the real world this would be completely looked down upon and very unethical.

  4. Hilarious show- really I recommend everyone to start watching… well if you enjoy stupid humor. I think that Workaholics is a window to the world of entry level jobs, or even just the jobs that people just don’t want to do. I believe they are selling refrigerators…? What kid aspires to be a refrigerator salesman? It reminds me of the Office in that regard- who wants to be a paper salesman? How do we get employees to take work seriously if they are only doing it for the money?

  5. Love the show, great post. Occasionally reminds me of Office Space- either way, the message is that slacking off in corporate America is not only possible, but incredibly easy. My summer internship resulted in some similar opportunities to slack off, and there were times when it seemed that everyone around me was avoiding work at all costs. I wonder if such attitudes are the result of a poor work environment, hating the work being done, or simply a lack of drive.

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