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This is the Ad that is featured for the Apple iPhone5 on the blog listed above.

Alright, so after searching and searching I found a REALLY interesting blog about Marketing, Advertising, and Branding which you can see by clicking here: http://thebiznavigator.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/new-iphone-more-reasons-for-good-fierce-advertising/

I wanted to find a blog that I would actually read.  I am somewhat obsessed with Advertising and today I sat down at my computer, opened it, and immediately (obviously) signed onto Facebook.  The first thing that popped up in my newsfeed was the new iPhone 5 Apple commercial.  I clicked IMMEDIATELY.  I watched the commercial and wasn’t too swayed by it.  This article however, made me excited for new commercials to come.

This article discusses how now all of the phone companies will start to come out with new Advertising schemes based around their newest phone models.  Will the best phone win?  Or the best advertising?  If you think about strong brands, you immediately tie them to ad campaigns you have seen.  This article presents the current ad campaigns of Apple’s iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III, Nokia’s new model introducing a new camera 6 chip.  It will be very interesting to watch how all of these ads unfold.

The article also claims, that for the first time Apple may not be the obvious competition leader.  Apple’s iPhone does have the advantage of customer loyalty but is it really that much better than the other products that are now available?  Or do the new Galaxy S III, and Lumia have an edge?

I think this blog relates to class because advertising plays with morals and ethics heavily.  Is the company presenting the product in a fair way?  Are they overplaying the strengths and underplaying the weaknesses?  Are the company’s taking shots at their competitors or simply proving that their product is in fact best?  Which attributes of their product will they feature?  How do they want their brand to be representing in their advertising?  How does this representation effect the brand?


3 thoughts on “What I found on WordPress

  1. Like you, I am also a big ad fan/ marketing guru. Some things just make sense. Similarly, I went online today to watch the newly launched commercial for the iPhone 5. I found irony in the fact that I had to watch a commercial on YouTube before I could watch the Apple commercial. I think this speaks wonders to the effects of advertising on our lives. And, as you said, ethics play a huge part in advertising in that a company must accurately represent the product. So I just wanted to bring up one other question – should advertising, as something with such a huge impact, be regulated more strictly in today’s society?

  2. I think that Apple, like all other businesses, has the right to “overplay strengths and underplay weaknesses” as you said. Apple wants to continue thriving as a business and therefore they are going to highlight the newest, most innovative parts of the iPhone 5 in the new commercials. Apple is great at creating products and product attributes that people want and need before people know it themselves. I do not think that it is unethical for Apple to not mention the production of the phones in China in their direct advertising campaigns.

  3. A few of my more technologically-inclined friends love to make the argument that the iPhone is inferior to a number of other models, and that the only reason everyone loves the iPhone is because of all the things we’ve discussed- the cult of Jobs, the cultural prestige, etc. Nothing to do with the actual technological merits of the product. I would love to see a side-by-side comparison of the technological components of the iPhone and the Galaxy-whatever, or some other model.

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