Paper Idea

I am a huge supporter of Nike and though the case painted the picture of a mysterious unethical company I would like to explore that more. I want to see if there are any other points of view that can be taken. I use Nike products every single day and when thinking of my favorite company Nike is high on the list. I had no idea before this class that Nike had so many issues in the late 90’s. So I want to deeply analyze Nike as a company and compare the actions to the stakeholder/shareholder debate. I then would like to tie in the The Rights in the Global Marketplace by Donaldson.

One thought on “Paper Idea

  1. I think writing your paper on a company that you feel personally connected to could be very interesting. As long as you can put personal biases aside, I think it will motivate you to really dive deep and spend a lot of time analyzing Nike’s issues in the late 90’s. I bet you will be able to find information to support a view of Nike different than what is portrayed in the case study.

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